The 5th Telematics Conference SEEurope will be held at Sofia Hotel Balkan

The 5th Telematics Conference SEEurope will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria at the Sofia Hotel Balkan, A Luxury Collection Hotel which is a 5-star luxury hotel and part of the International Hospitality chain of Starwood.


Being located in the heart of the city, Sofia Hotel Balkan is an iconic landmark in the vivid center of ancient Sofia. The building of Sofia Hotel Balkan is part of the President’s Palace complex and beneath its foundations lays a historical Roman fortress, remains of which can be seen all around the hotel.


Sofia Hotel Balkan, A Luxury Collection Hotel offers special rates for participants of the Telematics Conference SEEurope. Find the accommodation reservation form with additional discount for conference participants here. Special rates are available until 4 September 2015.


Investments in telematics reaching a boiling point in SE Europe

Investments, mergers and acquisitions were central to the fourth Telematics Conference SEEurope, which was held in early October in the Romanian capital, Bucharest and was attended by more than a hundred representatives of regional and global providers of telematics solutions, equipment manufacturers, M2M service providers, logistics and transport companies, and other key stakeholders in the telematics sector.


The conference made it evident that vehicle telematics is still – or rather, is increasingly so – a hot industry, and therefore interesting for investors. “Mergers and acquisitions are like marriage: they require constant effort to make them successful in the long run,” explained Olaf Gietelink, the Director for Strategic Initiatives at TomTom Telematics, in his presentation. His words encapsulate the core of the fourth international Telematics Conference SEEurope.


In the exhibition area, visitors could see development advances made by Baltic Car Equipment, Cango, Cellocator Division Pointer Telocation, EcoFleet, Gurtam, iSYS Professional, Mobileye, Omnicomm, RCS-Navigation, Ruptela, SafeFleet, and Teltonika.


The conference was made possible by the sponsors: SafeFleet, CVS Mobile, Teltonika, Arobs, EcoFleet, Gurtam, Omnicomm, RCS Ltd., Technoton, Cango and ERM Telematics.


For photo gallery from the conference please click here.

For conference report please click here.


Omnicomm will disclose how to make promising investments that work

Stanislav Emelianov who will speak at 4th Telematics Conference SEEurope is Deputy Director General at Omnicomm, an international high-technology industrial company, one of the leading developers and manufacturers of fuel monitoring equipment and other solutions for fleet management.


Being in the market of transport telematics for over 16 years, Omnicomm makes a strong accent on development of highly accurate fuel monitoring solutions – LLS fuel level sensors. In 2003 Omnicomm specialists developed the world’s first capacitive fuel level sensor which can bring up to 50 % fleet expenses economy per month. Since then use of capacitive sensors in bundle with satellite vehicle tracking has become the industry standard. The company’s active client base includes well-known international airlines, construction and mining companies, oil enterprises, large transnational corporations, as well as industry leaders such as GAZPROM, Coca-Cola, Halliburton, Alrosa, DHL, UPS and others.


Stanislav Emelianov is one of the key experts at Omnicomm. His professional career began at SOMMER, a German company which produced rolling stock for the sector of commercial vehicles and construction equipment. Then over 11 years of experience in transport telematics at Omnicomm followed. Thanks to his input Omnicomm has reached top positions in domestic fuel monitoring market and is actively heading abroad.  In his presentation Stanislav will share how to make promising investments in fuel consumption monitoring. He will illustrate his speech with real ROI business cases in various industries, underlining financial dimension of transport telematics.


TomTom will speak about effects of globalisation and consolidation in the industry

Olaf Gietelink who will speak at 4th Telematics Conference SEEurope in Bucharest, Romania, is director strategic initiatives at TomTom Telematics, the European leader in fleet management with more than 400,000 subscriptions. Olaf has a background in automotive control engineering, and as part of the TomTom Telematics management team, he is responsible for market intelligence, geo-expansion and further strategic opportunities. Before joining TomTom he has worked as a development engineer and consultant at TNO Automotive (a Dutch automotive research company) and as a management consultant at McKinsey in Amsterdam.  In his speech he will focus on the impact of globalisation and consolidation trend in the global telematics market. He will try to explain why has the M&A trend in telematics been increasing so fast in the past years and how will these trends affect the current fragmented marketplace in Europe, and what does this mean for local players in Southeast Europe.


See the development of technologies

The 2014 Telematics Conference SEEurope will be accompanied by an exhibition where manufacturers, developers, and solution providers will present their products and the latest advancements in the industry.


Visit the 12 exhibition stands available this year and you will have an opportunity to meet representatives from the following companies (listed in alphabetical order):


  • Baltic Car Equipment
  • Cango
  • Cellocator Division Pointer Telocation
  • Civitronic
  • CVS Mobile
  • EcoFleet
  • Gurtam
  • Omnicomm
  • Ruptela
  • SafeFleet
  • Teltonika


You can find more information about the exhibitors on our website at www.telematics-conference.com/seeurope/exhibition/exhibitors/.


Investing in Telematics: who and how?

The theme of the fourth Telematics Conference SEEurope is Investing in Telematics. The conference will have a slightly different agenda than previously. After five sets of lectures, each addressing a different aspect of investing, the conference will be concluded with a short panel discussion that will also serve as an introduction to three concurrent workshops where the most pressing issues in telematics will be discussed.


As every year, the conference will start with the Telematics Markets Overview. It will focus on investments and connections, which are essential for the future development of telematics. Since there can be no development without investments, the conference will address the various ways of growth financing (entry of financial investors, takeovers, mergers etc.) and the ways in which companies can prepare for investors and for the changes that occur within companies following an investment, a merger, or a takeover. An investment is not merely a financial stake in a company, so conference participants will also discuss the importance of investing in a company’s own R&D, the employees, its infrastructure, its relationships with clients, business partners, and in mutual cooperation.


The conference agenda is available here. A list of speakers and abstracts of their lectures will be added soon.


Early bird registration rates are available until 31 July

Early bird registration for the 4th Telematics Conference SEEurope, which will be held in Bucharest, Romania, is open only until 31 July 2014. If you register by the end of the month, you will get a 15% discount on the conference fee!

Use this opportunity to learn what are the most important investments in the sector and the main challenges concerning investments in telematics.

The conference is accompanied with an exhibition of new products and solutions, developed by the telematics industry.


Third edition of the market research for only 300 EUR

The third edition of the publication Commercial vehicles in Southeast Europe: Telematics solutions and perspectives is released!


In the 2014 edition of the market research which gives you the only comprehensive overview of telematics solutions and commercial vehicle fleets in Southeast Europe you will find updated profiles of over 50 top telematics solution providers, recent data about commercial vehicle fleets in the region, and global and regional trends that will influence the industry.


 Exclusive offer:

  • A special 20% discount on this publication for the participants in the third Telematics Conference SEEurope on 26 September 2013 in Zagreb, Croatia.
  • An additional 10% discount on this publication for customers of previous editions.
  • Buy this market research and get a 15% discount on the conference fee for the next Telematics Conference SEEurope on 2 October 2014 in Bucharest, Romania.


If you are interested in the research, please visit our market research website or contact us! If you wish to purchase it, please fill out the online order form!


Conference in Zagreb concluded in a very optimistic mood

The major Southeastern European companies involved in the development of telematics solutions for vehicle tracking and management met at end of September in Zagreb, at the Telematics Conference SEEurope. The core issue addressed at this year’s conference – an event organized for the third time – was the future of telematics in the region connecting 15 countries.


The conference, which was made possible by the sponsors CVS Mobile, Teltonika and SafeFleet, was accompanied by an exhibition fair, where the latest innovations were presented by Mobilisis and Primark from Croatia, Cellocator from Israel, Sygic from Slovakia, Teltonika and Ruptela from Lithuania, SeeMe from Estonia, Omnicomm from Russia, CANGO from Romania and CVS Mobile from Slovenia. Exhibition booths were visited by over 80 participants, most of whom were thrilled by the third regional telematics conference – many have already confirmed that they are coming to the next one as well, which will be in early October of 2014 in Bucharest.


Impact of startups on the telematics market

Vuk Nikolić, a speaker at the Telematics Conference SEEurope in Zagreb, is the founder and CEO of TruckTrack, the modern software solution for owners and managers of trucking business. He is a software engineer with 10 years of experience; for 15 years he has been also included in the family trucking business. In his conference speech he will focus on perspectives of telematics startups. He will derive from an idea that "software is eating the world," as it was explained by Mark Andreessen, one of the fathers of modern Web. In this way he tried to describe how contemporary software solutions are starting to deeply and unequivocally alter the ways in which we live and work. Tech startups, the drivers of these “disruptions,” were often started by college dropouts in a garage (e.g. Apple or Microsoft), and currently they bring important innovations to the telematics market. Presentation of Vuk Nikolić will present some of the most interesting web and mobile startups in the area, and give predictions about the impact of these companies on the telematics market.



Beat the traffic with Michael L. Sena

Michael L. Sena, who will speak at the third Telematics Conference SEEurope in Zagreb, is an internationally recognised expert in telematics, digital map databases, location-based services and navigation. He has owned and run a successful consulting practice since 1983 with clients in the automotive, software, system development, telematics services and geographic database industries. Michael worked for AB Volvo from 1993 to 1996 with responsibility for navigation, traffic information, fleet management and telematics services activities, and was instrumental in the introduction of Volvo’s first navigation and telematics systems. He is a charter member of the ADASIS Forum, was an expert delegate to the European CEN and ISO standards committees and has participated in Intelligent Transport Systems international projects. He is the author of ‘Beating Traffic: Time to Get Unstuck’.


Early bird registration open until the end of July

Early bird registration for the Telematics Conference SEEurope, which will be held in Zagreb (Croatia), is open until 31 July 2013. If you register by the end of the month, you will get a 15% discount on the conference fee!

Use this opportunity to attend the main industry-focused event, dedicated to the management of vehicle fleets and the development of systems for vehicle tracking. It brings together regional and global stakeholders, experts and R&D companies from various fields: telematics solution providers, manufacturers of navigational systems and digital maps, telecommunications companies, automobile industry and representatives of research, education and government institutions related to telematics, logistics and transport. The conference is accompanied with an exhibition of new products and solutions, developed by the telematics industry.


Vepamon presents pros and cons of fuel measurement

Many companies are facing problems, while trying to prevent fuel theft and executing management in fuel consumption optimisation due to the global rise of fuel prices. Mandatory in this direction is a precise and reliable fuel consumption control, which can be later analysed in various ways. Vepamon has gained an expertise in all mainstream fuel level control instruments and in different cases through participation in projects in more than 90 countries. The presentation of Vepamon, carried out at the conference in Zagreb, will provide an overview of the most relevant fuel measurement technologies and identify their pros and cons. There will be additionally explained how Vepamon's sensors are commonly used in telematics systems.


The presentation will be carried out by Yury Panikov, the head of export in Vepamon. Being a commercially oriented person with a strong technical background he develops a strategic vision of the company's distribution expansion and assures high quality of end-users’ solutions. Main area of Vepamon's expertise is development of precise fuel level sensors used in vehicles, locomotives, stationary fuel tanks, diesel generators and sea fleet, distributed on the global scale.


PTOLEMUS reveals the future of insurance telematics

The telematics industry in Southeast Europe is focusing mainly on fleet management and transport and logistics solutions for private companies and the public sector. In the next 5 years, other segments of telematics industry will start to spread – not only for commercial vehicles but also for passenger cars in private use. For example, telematics will help insurance companies to monitor the driving behaviour and charging an insurance premium according to the actual use of vehicles. The traditional vehicle insurance models will be therefore replaced by an interactive model which will dramatically change the insurance industry.


At the Telematics Conference SEEurope perspectives of insurance telematics in the region will be revealed by Thomas Hallauer, Director of Research and Marketing at PTOLEMUS Consulting Group – the first strategy consulting firm entirely focused on telematics and location-based services. He has gained 10 years of operational marketing experience in the domain of telematics and location-based services. He is an expert at highlighting new trends, unearthing profitable niches and marketing new products and services notably in the automotive, motor insurance, LBS, navigation and positioning industries. For PTOLEMUS, Hallauer was the lead writer of the European Location Study, the most comprehensive report on the global location industry. He is now in charge of the 2013 publication of the Insurance Telematics Global Study.


2013 edition of the market research is published


The second edition of the publication Commercial vehicles in Southeast Europe: Telematics solutions and perspectives is finally published!The 2013 edition gives you the only comprehensive overview of telematics solutions and commercial vehicle fleets in Southeast Europe. The publication comprises data about commercial vehicles in 15 countries and presents 54 profiles of global, regional and local telematics solution providers operating in the region. It brings 5-year forecasts (2013–2017) of new telematics solutions and fleet management development in the region and provides estimations on the number of commercial vehicles, number of vehicles equipped with telematics systems and market penetration rate.


If you are interested in the research, please visit our market research website or contact us! If you wish to purchase it, please fill out the online form!


Telematics Conference SEEurope 2012 ended


The telematics industry, with its rapid growth, is a bright exception in this time of economic crisis in Europe. How to keep the sales of telematics systems for vehicle and fleet management at a high level and use development potentials in Southeast Europe were key themes of the second regional event Telematics Conference SEEurope, which was held in Ljubljana, Slovenia.


Approximately 80 participants attended the only telematics for fleet management focused conference and exhibition in Southeast Europe.

 More about the success of the second conference in 2012 can be found in a short conference report and photo galery. 


The next, 3rd Telematics Conference SEEurope will be held on 26 September 2013 in Zagreb, Croatia.



Special discount on conference fee!


Buy the first Market research 2012 Commercial vehicles in Southeast Europe: Telematics solutions and perspectives and get 30 % discount on conference fee!


Don't skip this opportunity! The discount is valid for all participants from your company.


For any further question about the market research, please email our conference director Alenka Bezjak.


Early bird registrations are open!


Register today and save 15%. Early bird registrations are available only until 31 July 2012. Learn, share and network with 80+ telematics focused delegates from 15 SEE countries.


Market research 2012 is published


Commercial vehicles in Southeast Europe: Telematics solutions and perspectives is published. First market research brings comprehensive overview of telematics solutions and commercial vehicle fleets in the region. The market research provides data on commercial vehicle fleets in 15 countries of Southeast Europe and presents profiles of 45 global, regional and local telematics solution providers operating in the region. It also provides 5-year forecasts (2012–2016) for telematics solutions and fleet management.


If you are interested in this research, please visit our market research website or contact us!


Order now!


Special offer for participants in the first Telematics Conference SEEurope on 29 September 2011 in Belgrade, Serbia - order now and get a 15% discount on this research!


11 million commercial vehicles in Southeast Europe

The Belgrade conference also focused on the local specifics of Southeast Europe and presented the first transparent study regarding commercial vehicles and tracking systems in the region, which stretches from Slovenia to Greece (Turkey is also classified among them). According to Edvard Kraševec, senior analyst at Ergo Institute, there are around 11 million commercial vehicles in the region, but only around 200 thousand are equipped with tracking systems. According to current predictions, the number of equipped vehicles will increase by 9–10 percent annually, which is slightly less than in EU countries, where the growth is expected at 20 percent annually.

The final market research on commercial vehicles and fleet management solutions in the Southeast Europe region will be available by the end of 2011. If you are interested in the research, please contact both authors: Edvard Kraševec or Alenka Bezjak.


First Telematics Conference SEEurope ended

The first Telematics Conference SEEurope presented the key trends in the rapidly growing telematics industry, trends which predict a very bright future indeed. So-called green telematics were particularly highlighted, for example systems for tracking and managing vehicles that help to save fuel and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, thus contributing to environmental preservation.

More about the success of the first conference in 2011 can be found in a short conference report.

The conference director Alenka Bezjak also announced the host country of the second Telematics Conference SEEurope on 27 September 2012 - Slovenia.


Telematics experts coming to Belgrade!

On 29 September 2011 Belgrade will host carefully selected speakers in the area of telematics:

  • Antonio Russu, Business Director, KPN 

  • Jaap Groot, Sales Director, MiX Telematics Europe 

  • Tjay Tjiook, CEO, Squarell Technology 

  • Petar Maksimović, Managing Director, INFO TEAM 

  • Klemen Jamšek, Project Manager, CVS Mobile 

  • Edvard Kraševec, Experienced Researcher and Analyst, Ergo Institute 

  • Nebojša Vasiljević, Assistant Minister, Ministry of Culture, Media and Information society 

  • And many more ...


Only 3 days left for early birds! Register now!

Early bird registrations are open only until 15 July. Register now and save 15%! For group reservations contact our conference director!


Early bird registrations are open!

Register today and save 15%. Early bird registrations are available only until 15 July 2011. Learn, share and network with 100+ telematics focused delegates from 15 SEE countries.


What will drive logistics and transport tomorrow?

What is hot in telematics today? What will be important in the future? Experts will discuss about local specifics and global trends in telematics solutions. Join us and become a part of telematics community in SEE region!

Sponsors 2014






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