Aplicom is a leading provider of powerful and versatile telematics devices, software, and cloud services.


It serves professional telematics system providers and vehicle/machine manufacturers with industrial IoT-applications that work alongside their own products. It also partners with companies that provide solutions and services to end-customers with commercial vehicle fleets and other industrial telemetry needs. Although its standard products fit most needs, Aplicom develops also custom solutions, including different CAN bus and other peripheral interfaces.



ARON is a tool that maximizes driving performance which equals more revenue. Plain and simple.

How it works? ARON maximizes efficiency of drivers and maximizes distance truck drivers can drive. ARON pushes each driver to drive the absolute maximum distance allowed. Every minute wasted is every euro missed.

Aron minimizes violation. ARON AI makes sure to warn drivers about all violations via text-to-speech technology. Why pay fines when you can keep your profits?

In the end of the day - every additional mile is additional revenue.

ARON is open for integrations and cooperation with other telematics companies! For more information visit www.go-aron.com



Be-Mobile goes full speed ahead to revolutionize traffic: it aims to put travelers, infrastructure operators, logistics companies and automotive back in control of their mobility. Be-Mobile's lifework is to evolve towards a world where total impact-driven traffic management unites every stakeholder in the mobility chain.


Through its Connected Car & Traffic Platform, Be-Mobile collects Floating Car Data from millions of connected vehicles in Europe and turns them into valuable traffic information. This data hub forms the foundation of its solutions portfolio, including traffic management, traveler information, multimodal route planning, electronic toll collection and many more.



Bitrek is a Ukrainian hardware manufacturer of a new generation.

Having ISO certification and own R&D high-level team, Bitrek focuses on the following B2B industries: precision agriculture, fleet management safety, IoT, production on demand.

ISO 9001-2018 cert, and CE certification in EU for all its products, rated as TOP 10 on Wialon, fully automated QA control, 1-year warranty as default for all products, integration, and research engineering team, programs for partners. Bitrek it is not just about production. It is about solving client’s business tasks. Bitrek cares about its partners with "together in the same boat" approach.



CANGO is well known in Telematics industry and already proved the innovative character. CANGO proved its innovation and great capacity to adapt each time a client asked for something new or impossible at the first view. It is able to translate everything related to CANbus: trucks, agriculture equipment, construction and mining, buses and coaches, LCV’s or passenger cars, even yachting industry is using CANGO products.

Starting with 2019 CANGO knowledge can be licensed in 3rd party devices so the final clients can beneficiate of more features and functionality with their present solution without adding any new hardware. This is a new and innovative concept on the market and stands for Telematics as a Service.

In 2018 Frost and Sullivan awarded CANGO for Customer Value Leadership in FMS Interface and CANbus Industry.


Cellocator - Pointer Telocation

Cellocator, Pointer Telocation's technology Division (NASDAQ Capital Market: PNTR), is a leading Telematics solutions provider for fleet management, car and driver safety, vehicle security, and asset management. It specializes in developing and manufacturing hardware and software for fleet optimization, wireless vehicle security, communication and control systems, as well as M2M and IoT wireless data communications systems. Its leading edge solutions and proven product reliability adhere to the strictest industry standard.



CVS Mobile

CVS Mobile is the leading telematics solutions provider in the region of Central and Eastern Europe. The company is based in Slovenia and today, the whole network consists of 15 countries. CVS Mobile has become known for its advanced fuel management, temperature management, working time management, vehicle tracking and driving style analyses for fleet operators. Highly effective and reliable solutions and the adaptation of the solutions to companies’ needs are CVS Mobile’s main competitive advantages. CVS Mobile also provides high value to its customers by providing comprehensive and full support, which is implemented in the field as well as remotely.    



Escort Monitoring Systems is a manufacturer of supreme quality hardware sensors and IoT devices for automotive, industrial and agricultural applications. We support latest trends in Telematics by introdusing wireless and plug-and-play solutions, like first ever bluetooth fuel level sensor, GPS tracker hidden in a head of capacitive fuel level sensor and fully autonomous weather station. Being established in 2004, company focuses on inventing, developing and mass-producing of high-tech equipment to benefit the society.


Eyesight Technologies

Driver inattentiveness and drowsiness are the leading causes of road accidents, resulting in loss of life and having major economic impact. Eyesight Technologies’ FleetSense is a driver monitoring system that detects driver fatigue, distraction, offers driver identification and the detection of a of actions, including holding a phone, smoking and seatbelt usage.

Eyesight’s computer vision technology is based on over a decade of research and development, more nearly 30 registered patents and many more pending. Eyesight is constantly pushing the boundaries of what intelligent sensing solutions can see and accomplish – to make driving a better and safer experience.



Globema is a leading provider and integrator of geospatial and location-based software solutions that enable effective planning, management and control of networks, assets, resources and works in utilities, telecoms & other enterprises.

The company’s staff consists of skilled software specialists who combine good record in development and implementation of geospatial applications with in-depth engineering knowledge of telecommunications, energy, gas & oil, district heating and other industries.

The firm employs several Google Maps Platform professionals trained to provide the best-in-class support and consultancy.

Globema acts as a Google Cloud Premium Partner in Central and Eastern Europe, with offices in Poland, Czech Republic and Romania.


HERE Technologies

HERE Technologies, the Open Location Platform company, enables people, enterprises and cities to harness the power of location. By making sense of the world through the lens of location we empower our customers to achieve better outcomes – from helping a city manage its infrastructure or an enterprise optimize its assets to delivering drivers to their destination safely.



AI Camera Technology for Driver Monitoring. idrive is an independent developer of intelligent camera technology solutions, that works with the world’s leading freight, logistics and commercial transportation companies to save lives in real-time with advanced Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS). With idrive's innovative technology, companies can build a layer of protection around their employees and assets by giving them visibility to risks they have never seen before, and the power to manage them. idrive’s mature artificial intelligence can measure and mitigate fatigue and distraction risks in real-time.



Inelo is a Polish company and European market leader in designing top-quality software for analysing drivers’ working time and devices for digital data collection as well as GBOX® Assist telematics system.

The results of its work is used by leaders in the transport industry and 38 control authorities in 20 EU countries.

GBOX® Assist 2.0 - advanced telematics and GPS monitoring system are supporting managing of the company through:

·        navigation

·        location of a vehicle

·        remote tachograph and driver card download

·        scanning and e-mailing documents

·        communication with a driver

·        automatic settlement of business trips

·        driver status

·        fuel control



Mapon develops simple, yet effective GPS tracking and fleet management solutions for large businesses and private use. The company is among the market leaders with a broad distributor and service network across the world.


In its 13+ years of operations, Mapon has installed thousands of systems and tracked 11 billion kilometres for more than 6000 clients worldwide. We're proud of our and our partners' achievements and looking forward to developing new partnerships in order to help more businesses to improve their fleet management processes and optimize company resources.



MESIT asd is a Czech company which applies many years of experience gained from manufacturing a complex aerospace technology when developing and manufacturing devices for transport vehicles. Vehicles equipped with MESIT instruments operate throughout Europe and the USA. One of its top products is capacitive fuel level meter which is able to reliably and precisely measure levels of various fuels, including bio-fuels. It adapts to the shape of any tank and is very easy to install.


Mielta Technologies

MIELTA Technologies is a Russian company, which produces equipment for satellite monitoring of transport, fuel control and software. Since 2012 it has been developing and manufacturing complex of solutions based on GLONASS/GPS technologies. Its product catalog includes solutions for a wide range of companies. "Mielta" equipment works in the most difficult conditions, and on any types of machines. It offers to equipment dealers and satellite monitoring system integrator companies a reliable product, high level of technical and service support. Its mission is the embodiment of engineering ideas of the future in quality monitoring product, which every day makes our client’s businesses more profitable and the process of resource management easier. All "Мielta" equipment for motor transport monitoring, as well as GIS software "Agroanalytics" are developed and produced in Russia.



NIC-place offers software solutions from one source for every player in the European transport and logistics industry to visualize, monitor and analyze telematics data of ther mixed fleets as well as for their transport processes for more than 10 years.


Queclink Wireless Solutions

Founded in 2009, listed on the Shenzhen Exchange in 2017 and headquartered in Shanghai, Queclink is a world major telematics hardware provider offering wireless M2M devices for fleet management, stolen vehicle recovery (SVR), insurance telematics (UBI), lone worker safety and remote monitoring of assets, etc. as well as ODM services globally. To date, Queclink has sales and distribution partners in over 140 countries worldwide with more than 7 million wireless GNSS trackers running worldwide. With over 350 employees, the Company owns proficient teams to provide multi-language sales and 24h x 7 technical support for global customers.



The semiconductor business is one of the divisions of Sony Corp. Sony Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation undertakes product research, development, design, manufacturing, marketing, sales, production, distribution and customer services for complementary metal oxide semiconductor (“CMOS”) image sensors, charge-coupled devices (“CCDs”), large-scale integration systems (“LSIs”) and other semiconductors. The Semiconductor business generated ¥144 billion in operating profit on ¥879 billion of revenue in the latest fiscal year.


Altair Semiconductor, a Sony Group Company, is a leading provider of Cellular IoT chipsets. The company's flagship ALT1250 is the smallest and most highly integrated LTE CAT-M and NB-IoT chipset, featuring ultra-low power consumption, hardware-based security, and a carrier-grade integrated SIM (iUICC), all 5G ready.

Altair partners with leading global vendors, including G+D (Giesecke+Devrient), HERE Technologies, Murata, Sierra Wireless and WNC, to provide low-power and cost-efficient modules for a range of industrial and consumer IoT applications such as trackers, smart meters, wearables, and vehicle telematics. Altair's chipsets have been commercially deployed on the world's most advanced LTE networks, including AT&T, China Mobile, KDDI, Softbank, Verizon, and Vodafone.



Sygic Enterprise is a specialized division of Sygic Company, the developer of the most advanced navigation app, trusted by 200+ million drivers worldwide.

It leverages 15 years of experience in development of mapping and GPS navigation solutions to supply various fleets in fields of transportation, logistics, parcel delivery, field work, automotive, utilities, emergency and communal services.

Sygic Professional Navigation with SDK, Sygic Maps API Services and other location-based services are trusted by more than 2000 fleets and 1,000,000 professional drivers in fields of transportation, logistics, parcel delivery, field work, automotive, utilities, emergency and communal services.



TechnoKom Corporate Group has more than 25 years of experience in professional development and serial production of hardware equipment and software.

Nowadays it is a recognized leader in manufacturing of on-board controllers, fuel level sensors and peripheral devices for tracking and monitoring of vehicles, personnel and stationary objects. Today TechnoKom products are operating on more than 780.000 vehicles in various industries: agricultural equipment, trucks, quarry and building machinery, railroad transport, logistics.

Today the entire process from designing to final product is carried out on own production line equipped with the cutting edge facility. Full automization of all production processes, direct operating with global distributors and component manufactures as well as full quality control at every production steps ensure state of the art engineering solutions.

TechnoKom quality management system conforms to ISO 9001:2015 requirements as well as products produced by TechnoKom have international certificates.



Technoton develops and manufactures smart sensors and meters, CANbus and J1708 tools, edge/fog gateways, that are integrated into machinery telematics systems for:

  1. Cutting fuel expenses and preventing fuel misuse
  2. Extending machinery lifecycle and monitoring engine health
  3. Increasing transparency of machinery operation
  4. Optimizing maintenance costs

Its products are designed for commercial and heavy-duty vehicles, railroad machines, watercrafts and stationary systems – small and medium fuel storages, diesel generator plants.

Technoton major product lines are: DFM fuel flow meters, DUT-E fuel level sensors, CANCrocodile contactless CANbus readers + NEW wireless BLE sensors for fuel monitoring and axle load measurement!



Teltonika is a leading fleet management solutions manufacturer in Europe with 1.200.000 GPS trackers sold in 2018. Combining leading technology, know-how and leadership in designing & manufacturing, we cover vast amount of use cases: from fleet management and security to connected car, insurance telematics and car sharing. But Teltonika is more than that – it‘s about innovating, inspiring, connecting, educating and reliable partnership.

By setting new trends Teltonika inspires partners to change the world and use the most advanced technologies in the market. Connected vehicles, BLE, NB-IoT, CAT-M1, cloud based services and many more are already here. Innovation will always be a pulse of Teltonika. Vision and passion of people working at Teltonika have created the history of the company. Wide portfolio, feature-rich products, powerful tools, provide strong opportunities for your business growth.


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