Murat A. Atik

Board Member and General Manager, Fideltus Advanced Technology

Murat Atik, 47, has been managing Fideltus for the last 5 years. Under his leadership, Fideltus developed a wide variety of technological solutions. The company operates several R&D centers and manufacturing facilities, and cooperates with governmental institutions. Its solutions, available in Turkey and on international markets, focus on tracking, security, and law enforcement systems. The tracking division of the company provides hardware and software services for all industries. The services include classic vehicle tracking as well as solutions for special purposes, such as clandestine tracking, with devices hidden in belts, laptops, shoes, wagons, containers, etc.


Sven Aulik

Director of Export Sales, EcoFleet Group

Sven Aulik is a Director of Export Sales in EcoFleet Group – recently formed regional player in Europe - mainly focusing in Telematic Service markets in Scandinavia and Central/Eastern Europe – together in more than 20 countries. The Group was formed after the merger of 2 known fleet management service providing companies in the area: Oskando from Estonia and Autolog from Denmark. Sven is responsible for sales and distributors development in these regions, currently managing sales in 15 of these countries during the last 5 years.


Before joining Oskando he has worked in bigger international automotive and logistics companies like Autoliv and DHL as Sales Manager (both of them bought or expanded during his career time) and during the Ecofleet/Oskando career helped the company to expand to most of these countries and has been taking part of numerous acquisitions and mergers during this process.




Via M&A-s to successful regional player


In his presentation, Sven will talk about the success story of Oskando – how did they became a regional player in Scandinavia as well as in SEE and grow from 1000 objects to 45000 with the help of organic growth combined with extencive M&A activities.



Jan Cools

CEO, Be-Mobile

Jan Cools is CEO of Be-Mobile, company founded in 2006. Recently Be-Mobile and and their stakeholder B-Holding decided to set a joint venture Go-Mobile, for the development and commercialization of multi-modal mobility solutions. Based on the content of Be-Mobile for traffic and parking, enriched with real-time content on public transport, Go-Mobile developed a multi-channel service platform that offers personalized routing advice to travelers over mobile phones, website and variable message signs.


Cools graduated as a civil engineer in Computer Science at the University of Leuven and the National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse. After obtaining an MBA at the Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School, he joined the telematics company Acunia (Belgium) in 1998 as business development and sales manager. In 2003 he founded ITS Belgium, the Belgian platform for the intelligent transport systems, grouping more than 60 member companies.


Stanislav Emelianov

CEO Deputy, Omnicomm

Stanislav Emelianov is Deputy CEO at Omnicomm, international hi-tech company, one of the leading developers and manufacturers of fleet management and fuel monitoring systems for various fleet management needs. Stanislav has MS in Economics. He has worked in the sphere of transport telematics for over 11 years. During the last 10 years Stanislav has been occupying executive positions at Omnicomm.




Have you invested in fuel telematics by today?


Fuel monitoring: your rapid return on investment.

Return on investment (ROI): an economic term or real life?

Fuel telematics for integrators: competitive advantage or an additional way to sell solutions.

Return on investment. Real examples from fleet owners.

Return on investment. Examples from integrators.


Olaf Gietelink

Director Strategic Initiatives, TomTom Telematics

Olaf Gietelink is Director Strategic Initiatives at TomTom Telematics, the European leader in fleet management with more than 400,000 subscriptions. As part of the TomTom Telematics management team, he is responsible for market intelligence, geo-expansion and further strategic opportunities.

He has a background in automotive control engineering with a Master of Science degree from Delft University of Technology, and he holds a PhD degree in the area of advanced driver assistance. Before joining TomTom he has worked as a development engineer and consultant at TNO Automotive (a Dutch automotive research company) and as a management consultant at McKinsey in Amsterdam.




Globalisation and consolidation in the telematics market


How will globalisation and consolidation trends shape the global telematics market? Which regions have been attracting interest for investments in telematics? And why has the M&A trend in telematics been increasing so fast in the past years? How will these trends affect the current fragmented marketplace in Europe, and what does this mean for local players in Southeast Europe?



Alparslan Kurtulus

Deputy General Manager, Arvento Mobile Systems

Alparslan Kurtulus is Deputy General Manager responsible from International Operations and Business Development of Arvento Mobile Systems, a leading provider of vehicle tracking systems and M2M solutions.


Alparslan has been working in Arvento for 6 years and he has played a significant role during this ongoing expansion period with his experience both in international sales / marketing and technical areas in M2M technologies. On the other side, Alparslan is dealing with the product and service development in Arvento. He is also working like an account manager for key account customer in different countries to conduct various projects with partners.




Matchmaking in telematics: How to choose the righ business partner


In this presentation, Alparslan will try to explain the importance of choosing the right business partner in the new entry market, how to convince them to sell your products, training and motivating their staff, finding a respectable and reputable customer as an initial reference and the importance of providing a meaningful solution to them and  sustaining the relations with them as a solution provider for a long term. Also, he will concentrate on the importance of customer care and providing all kinds of after sales services and support


Madalin Lazarescu

Research Manager, IDC Romania

Madalin Lazarescu joined IDC in November 2002. He covers the telecommunications and vertical markets  segments of the Romanian ICT market, undertaking research and authoring studies.


Lazarescu has extensive experience in custom research and consulting projects across the CEMA region. He has led various projects assessing market opportunities, aiding product launches and investigating the resilience of public communications networks.


Prior to joining IDC, Lazarescu worked as a consultant with the Romanian Banking Association, and was a member of several commissions under the association's umbrella, dealing with several projects including the implementation of the Credit Bureau in Romania, the Smart Card project, and other IT-related projects.


Lazarescu holds a bachelor's degree from the Bucharest Academy of Economic Sciences and a master's from the Graduate School of Bank Management from the same institution.


Antoine Mathiaud

Director Business Development & Marketing, Astrata Europe

Antoine Mathiaud started his career at STRATEGY ANALYTICS to conduct business consulting projects for large Telecommunication, Automotive and IT players. Antoine Mathiaud joined QUALCOMM Enterprise Services in 2007 as Senior Manager Product Marketing, responsible for market and competitive intelligence in telematic and fleet management solutions.

Since ASTRATA group, acquired QUALCOMM Enterprise services Europe, Antoine Mathiaud now leads the sales, business development and marketing effort in Europe leveraging a large telematics products and services portfolio and diversified distribution channels.


Antanas Segzda

Sales director – South Europe, Teltonika

Antanas Segzda has achieved bachelor’s degree in IT at the Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania). Initially he worked in Teltonika for two years as an export manager. During last 7 years he has managed South Europe sales group, which is one of the most successful groups in the company. His technical background and extensive experience in sales enable him to find the best approaches for an easy communication with decision makers and technical managers. Antanas is also involved in creating of some very successful products (i.e. FM2200, FM1100).




Integrated solutions for better business results


Increased competition in GPS monitoring field led to sales based on price and decreased margins for major part of service providers. How to increase volumes of installations? Total number of subscribers? What about the margins? According gathered feedback from multiple sources and types of business, Teltonika launches a platform for GPS service providers to increase sales and business results with integrated solutions, including various technologies to fulfill end clients demands for efficiency, control, accountancy, communication.




Claudiu Suma

CEO, ETA Automatizari Industriale

Claudiu’s career in mobile technology and web based services has spanned Romania with over 24 years of entrepreneurial leadership and success. 

His vision is the drive behind several companies he led, initiated or managed. 
Claudiu's idea is to do things considered impossible, go disruptive and be ahead of our time. In his early days he has been with academia, later on he moved to state administration and during the past 10 years he founded companies offering web based services, telematics services, mobile apps and mobile payments: SafeFleet, TPark. SafeFleet is a leading regional player in the region, localized in 14 languages. Over 35K vehicles are monitored by 6K users using this cloud based app. He frequently commutes now between Timisoara, Bucharest and Rome, trying to inspire the local branches of the organizations named above.




The value of a telematics service provider



Alenka Bezjak Mlakar

Conference Director, Telematics Conference SEEurope


Alenka Bezjak has been active in the telematics sector for several years. She is the director of the Ergo Institute, co-author of the market research Commercial Vehicles in Southeast Europe: Telematics Solutions and Perspectives, and the head of the Telematics Conference SEEurope, the first business conference in Southeast Europe focusing on telematics and fleet management solutions.




Commercial vehicles in Southeast Europe: Telematics solutions and perspectives


Overview of telematics market and solution providers in the Southeast Europe region. Presentation will be based on updated market research in SEE telematics sector, focusing on fleet management and commercial vehicles. 







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